New Book for Pilates Lovers and Aspiring Business Owners Reveals: 

The Method 1,000s Have Used to Get on the Fast Track to a Career They Love as a Pilates Instructor

For $4.99, I’ll Share How to Become a Pilates Instructor, Grow a Thriving Pilates Business, and Transform the Lives of Others

Breathe Education is Trusted by the Industry’s Best:

Dear Aspiring Pilates Instructor,

Love Pilates and enjoy helping others? 

Ready to see exactly what it takes to build a thriving Pilates business from home…working just 25 hours a week (or less)?

It’s totally possible!

I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world become Pilates instructors with their own businesses, sharing their love of Pilates with others and loving every minute of it!

But, the truth is: 

Most people who dream about becoming Pilates instructors NEVER do it!

In fact, 87% of people NEVER become Pilates instructors because of 3 common misconceptions

1. They do NOT believe it’s possible for them…

2. They are NOT confident in their skills and don’t think they’re good enough…

3. They feel like they can NOT escape their day-to-day life, almost as if they are trapped.

And that means that most people will never get to experience the joy of doing something that they love. 

If you’re ready to discover how easy it can be to leave the grind of your 9-5 job and live your passion…

… then I’d like to invite you to get a copy of my latest book on this page for just $4.99.

In it you’ll discover the simple path I’ve taught others to becoming a Pilates teacher WITHOUT having to take a drop in income!

Imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up every day, teach a couple of Pilates classes, and make as much or more than you do now.

Inside my latest book, I’ll share the exact method that’s helped 1,000s of people all over the world find freedom and joy by doing what they love -> becoming pilates instructors with their own businesses and sharing their love of Pilates to others!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this new book

🚀 The EXACT Step-By-Step Path To Escaping Your 9-5 By Teaching Pilates In Just 20 Weeks – (these steps are shockingly easy and you can get started on step #1 right now)
⭐️ The Hidden Secret to Changing People’s Lives And How to Get Paid $1923/Week To Do It – (once you unlock this key people will pay you thousands just to hear you talk about Pilates)
🫶 How To Break The Shackles Of Self Doubt With A Proven 3 Step Method – (this tried and tested system will inject confidence in your self-esteem even if you doubt your skills right now)
😍 Why You Do NOT Have To Look Like A Ballerina To Feel Amazingly Comfortable Teaching Pilates – (your current flexibility, body shape, and strength simply do NOT matter and I reveal why)

🔥 How To Go From Scared Pilates Beginner To Confident Pilates Instructor – (You’ll be amazed how easily you find teaching Pilates after you discover this secret)

Hello! I’m Raphael Bender.

I Help Aspiring and Current Pilates Instructors Turn Their Passion into a Highly Profitable Solo Pilates Business They Can Run From Home
I’m the CEO and Founder of Breathe Education

We’ve certified more than 5,000 Pilates instructors and helped them get started on their journey as Pilates business owners.

Specifically, I provide resources, tools, training, and much more…

…to help aspiring and current Pilates instructors make building a profitable solo Pilates business easier, so they can transform the lives of hundreds, working just 25 hours a week and enjoying the lifestyle they desire.

Inside my latest book, I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned working with 1000s of Pilates instructors…

…helping them become inspiring Pilates teachers and creating the business and lifestyle they want by launching their own Pilates business. 

Here Are Just a Few of the Lessons Inside 
My Latest Book

  • Get My “25 Hour Per Week Pilates Business” Framework - There’s no need to work with clients all day (or have to spend all day finding clients)...
  • ​Client-Centered Marketing Principles that help attract perfect-fit Pilates students and makes finding more students simple…
  • Get the Business Know-How Pilates Certifications Don’t Teach Without Enrolling in a Lengthy Business Course...
  • Enjoy the lifestyle, impact, and freedom that comes with a solo Pilates business
  • A MUST READ even for those who are just getting started (and especially those who DO NOT have a certification yet)...
  • Follow the Same Philosophy I Use to Earn $300k/Month in My Pilates Business…
  • ​Easily Apply This Method and Thrive Even in a Studio or Completely Online Environment so You Can Touch the Lives of More People…

This Book is a MUST READ for…

  • Aspiring Pilates instructors who are ready to discover a simple way to build a thriving home-based or online Pilates business without spending years in “hustle” mode...
  • Current Pilates instructors who are working more than they want to and are ready to build toward a 6-figure/year solo business working only 25 hours a week…
  • Wellness and Fitness Pros who love working with clients are thinking about becoming Pilates instructors…
  • People who love the many benefits of Pilates and want to turn that passion into a profitable new career...
  • Current Pilates instructors who are sick of unreliable income and always wondering where their next clients will come from...
  • ​People who have considered a career as a Pilates instructor in the past who are tired of the self-doubt they’ve experienced in deciding to pursue this career- and who are now ready for a simple, accessible way to jump in...
  • Anyone looking for a way to build a lucrative career helping people be more active without getting stuck in a frustrating “trial-and-error” period...

Hear From Pilates Instructors Who Have Started or Grown Their Business With Breathe Education:

“I Studied With Breathe Specifically Because They’re Evidence-Based. And That’s Something That I Have Not Seen in Any Other Education Program in the Pilates World Currently.”


- Magdalena Trofin


- Rachael Rice


- Olivia Huff

Get the Book Today and Follow My Solo Pilates Business Framework to Find Freedom, Time, and Joy Teaching Pilates!

Here’s a Closer Look Inside the Book:

Part 1: Start Thinking Like an Inspiring 6-Figure Pilates Instructor

In Part 1 of the book, we’ll address the fundamental issue with building a profitable solo Pilates business that changes the life of people who are now suffering:

Most Pilates instructors never receive business training which means they never fulfill their dream of changing lives with the power of Pilates.
That’s why I’ll share:
  • How easy it is to leave the 9-5 grind and happily replace it with work that brings joy…
  • ​How to find a unique voice as an inspiring Pilates teacher…
  • ​How to approach marketing in a solo pilates business (while NEVER being in front of a camera) …
  • ​What to post on social platforms and how to use social media...
  • ​How to “sell” students on Pilates instruction…
  • ​Pricing, how much to charge, and when to increase prices for classes or sessions…
In Chapter 2, a guided self-assessment for both current and future Pilates instructors will help lay out a specific plan of action for next steps. 

Starting on page 16, learn from my personal mistakes in business, including the time I went into CRAZY amounts of debt and almost lost my Pilates business!

Then in Chapter 4, we’ll dive into the specific approach to marketing, pricing, and selling Pilates sessions that help lay the foundation for a thriving solo business working just 25 hours a week.

Plus, hear the #1 key to charging premium prices as a Pilates instructor. (And it’s likely not what most people think - check it out on page 43)!

Learn all of that ^ and much more in Part 1 of the book!

Part 2: Discover the 5 Steps to Building a Thriving Pilates Business That Serves Students On a Deep Level

This part of the process incorporates everything into a simple 5-step process for building a profitable solo Pilates business. These 5-steps ensure more and more people experience the life-changing power of Pilates.

Here’s a peek into the steps:

1. Do the math (of earning more money teaching Pilates)

In Chapter 7, I lay out all the math ever needed to calculate profitable rates for a Pilates business. 

(That’s right, I’ve already done it all)!

Plus, see the amazing pricing “hack” I’ve found to earn the most for every hour spent teaching while continuing to offer outstanding outcomes for students. (Find out on page 56)!

2. Choose the right clients

Here’s where we align skills with the absolute best-fit clients that are AMAZING to work with. 

On page 79, see what I’ve found to be the 4 key characteristics of an ideal Pilates client

And learn how to implement the tactics I used to build my $4M a year business around the clients I love teaching!

3. Building a Success Path

Discover how to solve the biggest challenges clients have (and help them get much better results with Pilates). 

Starting on page 91, see how to build an ideal client’s Success Path into a key asset of business.

I’ve already laid all the foundations, including how many times a week clients should attend sessions, how to incorporate “homework” and lifestyle changes, and much more. 

4. Create a front-end Pilates offer

Here, I’ll reveal the 5 key elements of creating and selling a compelling offer to Pilates students. A “offer” is just what’s promised in Pilates sessions or classes. 

(Hate the idea of sales? Check out page 96 for the key to non-pushy sales conversations for Pilates sessions).

We’ll take a look at common barriers that keep people from committing to Pilates sessions. (See the tons of examples starting on page 100).

Get sample accountability messages, my secrets for boundary setting, and so many other ways to help clients overcome challenges to make positive change in their lives with Pilates. 

5. How to turn new clients into long-term, committed students

Discover how to bring new clients into ongoing sessions as long-term committed students!

In a studio or at home (or even in online sessions), I’ll share my exact recommendations for making this transition. 

Plus, starting on p.119, learn how to navigate the conversation to keep clients happy, even if they didn’t follow the Success Path created for them.

I even go over specific exercises, equipment, skills to include in session programming, and much, much more. (Don’t miss Chapter 12)!

Part 3: Get Up and Running — in as Little as 2 Weeks!

After I share the steps and tools in part 1 and part 2, I’ll share how to get a BRAND NEW Pilates business up and running in as little as 2 weeks.

(This is where the real fun begins)!

While timing will depend on specific circumstances, I’ve laid out clear next steps for implementation for:

Experienced instructors with an existing client roster.

New instructors without a client roster.

Those not yet certified as Pilates instructors.

…including the simplified way to prove a Pilates business will succeed before getting started. PLUS: This process will actually get new clients lined up and ready to sign up once the business is running! 

Get The Book Today for Just $4.99 and These 3 FREE Bonuses Are Included at NO COST!

Bonus #1:

Strengthen the Person Not Just The Body Part (digital book)

The PERFECT Companion Book!

Tired of wondering what to do to help Pilates clients recover from specific injuries or pain? 

That’s why I wrote my book, Strengthen the Person Not Just The Body Part. To give a simple 3-step framework that’s helped 3000+ Pilates instructors really understand the body and help their clients recover from injuries faster.

The book condenses 10,000+ in-person hours of research, 6000+ research papers published in acclaimed journals, and the latest clinical guidelines into a super accessible resource to support a growing PIlates business.

Get it for FREE today as a bonus!
“[Raph’s] eBook, Strengthen the Person Not Just the Body Part was so insightful. One of the first pieces of literature I read when deciding to become an Instructor.”
— Renee Paton

Bonus #2:

Audiobook Pack for Rapid Implementation

Get the Author-Narrated Audiobook Versions of both Books!

Order now, and I’ll include the audiobook versions of both of my books!

Get audio files narrated by me! Instructions are included to make enjoying the books and implementing this method even easier.

Listen on the go or revisit key chapters when needed! 

Get the audiobooks and listen to both books…

Included at NO COST (a $14.99 value!)

Bonus #3:

How to Set Up Space for Online Pilates PDF

Set An At-Home Pilates Business Up for an Easy Teaching Experience and a Fun Workout Experience for Clients

Wondering the best way to set up a workspace for an easy online Pilates teaching experience? 

This PDF gives clear, visual instructions for setting up an at-home online Pilates studio so teaching is fun and a joy for clients.

And the best part? Just send this PDF to new clients to tell them how to set up their space for Pilates sessions.

It creates a polished first impression of what it’ll be like in sessions. And ensures they’re set up for success from the very first session.

This is included at NO COST when with the book today!

Get the Book + All 3 Bonuses 
For Only USD $4.99

  • A Digital Copy of the Book 
  • ​BONUS #1: Strengthen the Person Not Just The Body Part Digital Book
  • BONUS #2: Author-Narrated Audiobook Pack for Rapid Implementation
  • BONUS #3: How to Set Up Your Space for Online Pilates PDF
Today’s order is a one-time payment of USD $4.99. An immediate digital download of the book plus all 3 of the bonuses listed above are included at no additional cost.

Order the book today and get the exact method 1000s of Pilates instructors have used to build thriving solo businesses.

No Questions Asked

Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee that this book is worth every penny (and then some!) and includes all of the steps I follow to help my students launch thriving pilates businesses packed with clients they love working with.

That’s why today’s order includes a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If, for any reason, this book and the bonuses aren’t as valuable as I promised here…

... just let my team know with a quick email to and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

No questions asked!

Get The Book + All 3 Bonuses For Only USD $4.99

  • A Digital Copy of the Book 
  • ​BONUS #1: Strengthen the Person Not Just The Body Part Digital Book
  • ​BONUS #2: Author-Narrated Audiobook Pack for Rapid Implementation
  • ​BONUS #3: How to Set Up Your Space for Online Pilates PDF
Today’s order is a one-time payment of USD $4.99. An immediate digital download of the book plus all 3 of the bonuses listed above are included at no additional cost.

Order the book today and get the exact method 1000s of Pilates instructors have used to build thriving solo businesses.
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